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Yasaiitame to butaniku no yakuniku gozen

Yasaiitame to butaniku no yakuniku gozen

Shoujin Vegan Udon Set(Gluten-free)

For allergy to wheat
I will correspond!

Gluten-free dishes can also be prepared. Please feel free to contact us.

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Shouzin Kaempfer Udon Nabe


Pounding rice,Mung bean noodles,2 mushroom,Eggplant,Tofu,Green leaves,taro potato,Carrot


Shoujin Vegan Udon Set
Radish pickles,Chestnut,Udon,Rice,Miso soup,Harusame salad,Grape juice,Fied Tofu
*The soup of the soup uses the kombu and shiitake mushrooms.
1,380 yen【1,255+125(TAX10%)yen】

Wakasagi no gozenage

Special Set P( PORK set )
+550 yen【500+50(TAX10%)yen】
Special Set S( SHRIMP set )
+660 yen【600+60(TAX10%)yen】


Wakasagi fish gozenage
(Pot of fried wakasagi fish) With kumosuke soup
It’s the most gratifying, favorite cuisine of our inn both in taste and in volume. Enjoy our specialty Wakasagi, the fresh catch of the season, steaming hot just out of the frying pot. On October 1 each year, when the season opens for the fish at the Lake Ashinoko, the first catch is dedicated to the imperial court. Also in February every year, the traditional Wakasagi festival is held at the locality of Moto-Hakone.
2,250 yen【2,046+204(TAX10%)yen】


It is traditional Japanese dish , miso taste pot dish.In Hakone , where the temperature is low , we prepared a lot of vegetables and ingredients
in hot pot dishes.While adding special soup, please eat delicious UDON noodles.
3,670 yen【3,337+333(TAX10%)yen】


With plum wine + seasonal fruit + kumosuke soup
Wakasagi fish cooked in a special sauce of sesame flavor, wild vegetables, the specialty bowl of Kumosuke, and many other delicacies of the mountain and the lake. Try them all to your heart’s content.
2,860 yen【2,600+260(TAX10%)yen】


Kaempfer "Udon Nabe"
1,380 yen【1,255+125(TAX10%)yen】

Takekiri no wattpameshi gozen

"Wappa Bentou" Takekiri wappa
With kumosuke soup
People who lived on hewing out the local specialty Hakone bamboos, known otherwise as Komai bamboos, went deep into the woods, carrying their lunches in Wappa (food container made of wood).
Prices start at 1,650 yen

Wakasagi teishoku gozen

Wakasagi fish teishoku
With kumosuke soup
Our specialty Wakasagi cuisine is served in plenty in a fixed menu. The freshly fried Wakasagi is soft, crispy and light to the palate, favored by everybody. It comes naturally with the famous bowl of Kumosuke soup.
Prices start at 1,650 yen

Yasaiitame to butaniku no yakuniku gozen

Yakiniku yasaiitame teishoku 
With kumosuke soup
This is another hearty meal of fixed menu, with fried vegetables of the season with tender pork, garnished with the Hakone-specialty Wakasagi. Comes naturally with the famous bowl of Kumosuke soup.
Prices start at 1,650 yen

Kumosuke soup

Kumosuke soup
It is a special soup since our opening.We made delicious soup with healthy miso and a lot of root vegetables.
525 yen【478+47(TAX10%)yen】

Kid's Plate

Kid's Plate
Only For Child
1,330 yen【1,210+120(TAX10%)yen】

We prepare cuisines to meet your budget.
Vegetarian meals are also available.

Steaming Egg   340 yen【310+30(TAX10%)yen】
Noodles Udon・Soba
340 yen【310+30(TAX10%)yen】
Salada   340 yen【310+30(TAX10%)yen】
Fruits   340 yen【310+30(TAX10%)yen】

Beer   660 yen【600+60(TAX10%)yen】
Alchol 0.0% Beer   470 yen【428+42(TAX10%)yen】
Japanese Sake Hot or Cold
600 yen【546+54(TAX10%)yen】
Oolong Tea 190ml
330 yen【300+30(TAX10%)yen】
Orange 200ml
330 yen【300+30(TAX10%)yen】
Coke 190ml
330 yen【300+30(TAX10%)yen】

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